The Power of Positivity

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In a world where we can be anything, this cashier in Kansas chooses to be kind.

portrait of Renee Wynn against a yellow wall

Renee Wynn has been working as a cashier at Walmart Store 5219 in Lawrence, Kansas, for less than two years, but she’s already made quite an impression on both customers and associates.

“You can absolutely tell when she's in the building because you can hear her laughing and joking with associates and customers,” says Alex Gillespie, the people lead at Store 5219. “She’s super upbeat and positive all the time.”

“That's just my heart and who I am,” Renee shares. “I like to lift people up when they’re feeling down.”

And she clearly does a very good job at doing just that: A casual conversation with a customer earned her recognition from Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon!

Small talk, big impact

Renee says it was just another day on the register. A shopper she’d never seen before came through her line. When Renee asked the customer how her day was going, the customer replied that it wasn’t going too well. She had just lost her home in a fire.

“I was just talking to her and encouraging her. I can't remember the exact words, because it’s something that I just gave from my heart. I just let her know that I was here for her if she ever needed anything, and I'll have her in my prayers.”

For Renee, the interaction didn’t feel unusual. To the customer, the interaction meant the world. The shopper later wrote to Doug, explaining what a difference Renee’s kindness had made in her day.

In late February, Doug shared the letter in his earnings video. Speaking to associates, he said, “I got a note from a customer who had just lost their home in a fire. She wanted to recognize Renee Wynn for her kindness.”

He went on to share, “The truth is, I get a lot of positive letters from our customers and members. That’s because so many of you really care. You’re kind and engaging and helpful, not only to our customers and members, but to each other.”

Renee was also recognized by her store with a special cheer and a certificate.

Image of a certificate addressed to Renee Wynn

Words to live by

“In this world, people are going through so much,” Renee says. “It's just good to support people, encourage them and lift them up when they're feeling down.”

Renee says she loves her job at Walmart because it gives her a chance to connect to people. “It’s just a pleasure to know that I can help and inspire people.”

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