She's Living the Dream

Women of WMW

After 40 years at Sam’s Club, Vanessa is inspired and inspiring!

Vanessa at a clothing table of a Sam's Club

When Vanessa Vanreed’s around, you know there’s going to be dancing in the Club. She brings positive energy and good vibes wherever she goes. And she’s been grooving for 40-plus years!

She started her career at the second-ever Sam’s Club in Raymore, Missouri, in 1983. “I’m blessed!

It’s an amazing feeling to be 40 years with Sam’s Club, still living the dream that Sam put into place,” Vanessa says.

“It’s people like her who have created what makes us successful all these years,” says Keith Pappert, club manager at Club 4870 in Kansas City, Kansas.

Watch Vanessa in action!

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