Total Life Makeover


Kim’s story proves that great things happen when you make time for your health.

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Turning 50 was a turning point for Kim Johnson, a front end coach at Walmart Supercenter 282 in Franklin, Kentucky. “I decided it was time to take care of myself,” Kim Johnson says. “It was now or never.”

With three kids involved in sports on top of busy work schedules, Kim and her family were often on the go. Fast food and soda became easy solutions for many meals.

“As a coach at my Walmart store, I’d talk to associates about how beneficial the Thrive Challenge is,” she explains. “And I finally decided to download the Thrive app myself and practice what I’d been preaching.”

What is the Thrive Challenge?

The Thrive Challenge is a free Walmart-sponsored program offered to all Walmart and Sam’s Club associates (plus our friends, family members and customers). It’s all about making small, better choices in your everyday life using the Thrive app.

Kim’s first small change was drinking more water and less soda. She and her husband, Steve, also started cooking at home more.

“We love grilling chicken, which we season with paprika and garlic salt. And we pair it with grilled vegetables sprinkled with parmesan,” she shares. “It’s a very flavorful and filling dinner. We eat more salad, and we’re eating low carb wraps instead of bread.”

Walks with their dog was another way for Kim and Steve to spend time together and prioritize health. 

Results all around

Over time, Kim dropped nearly 40 pounds! “My blood pressure and my A1C are lower, and my doctor is thrilled with my progress,” Kim says. “I’m aiming to get off my medications eventually.”

These changes in her physical health have helped create positive change in other areas of life.

Kim and her husband are more connected. “After work, Steve used to go into one room and I’d be in another room,” she admits. Now they watch movies, take walks and spend time off their phones.

She feels more in touch with her spirituality. “When I walk, I take the time to just be quiet and enjoy God’s creations: the birds, the sky and the trees.” She is also back to attending church regularly.

The Thrive Challenge has even helped her feel more connected to her Walmart team. “With Thrive, I’ve found I’ve been able to set high expectations about what needs to be done. I’m communicating with our associates and they’re all on board. They’re motivated to do their best and create a better working environment for everyone.”

Healthy and wealthy

The couple has been spending less and are saving up for their first house — which makes Kim’s $5,000 prize money from the Thrive Challenge even more valuable!

“Thrive has given me my life back. It has motivated me to get up and go,” Kim says. “At 51, I feel like I could do anything.”

Are you ready to Thrive? Download the app and start making small changes today. After 21 days, share your story for a chance to win a share of $1 million dollars.

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