Thrive Champ Is Building New Habits


Congratulations to this $5,000 Thrive winner, who proves that you can create a healthy life no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake!

Lewis smiling in front of a Walmart sign

Old habits were dragging down Lewis Bryant, a Walmart associate in Distribution Center 1953 in Waco, Texas. Sugary sodas, fast food and chocolate had taken a toll on his health. He wasn’t sleeping well and had low energy. He learned he was borderline diabetic with high cholesterol.

But there was hope. “The doctor said that I wouldn’t need medication if I changed my lifestyle and diet,” Lewis explains. So, at age 59, Lewis set out to find a healthier path. And his co-worker, Gabino Suarez, was the motivation that Lewis needed.

“Gabino was looking really healthy, and I asked what he was doing,” Lewis shares. “He told me about Thrive, and I downloaded the Thrive app.”

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a free well-being platform that coaches you on achieving your goals and living a better life. To get started, you download the Thrive app and answer a few questions. There are six categories to choose from: Recharge, Food, Move, Money, Focus and Connect. (You can also share your story for a chance to win a share of $1 million dollars!)

The program is all about the power of Microsteps — small changes that add up over time. “My first Microstep was swapping sugary drinks for water,” Lewis says. Sure, he still has cravings, but Thrive helps him dig deep to find the discipline to resist them.

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His next Microstep was food prep. Lewis started avoiding unhealthy vending machine snacks and instead takes apples and bananas to work. He also said goodbye to red meat, potatoes and fried food, and hello to tuna, baked chicken and salads.

Small changes, big wins

All those small, healthy changes made a big difference: As Lewis lost weight, he gained energy.

Lifting weights at the gym and taking walks every day became healthy new habits. “Moving makes me feel great!” he says. He’s also sleeping better. Another thing that feels great? Doing more with the people he loves. Whether it’s playing dominoes with his wife, helping his mom around the house or fishing with his grandson — he’s got the time and the energy! 

Lewis didn’t set out to lose weight. His goal was to live a healthy and happy life. But he shed 10 pounds along the way. His blood pressure and sugar levels are now normal — without any medications. He hopes at his next check-up, his doctor will tell him he’s no longer borderline diabetic.

“Everything in my life has changed,” Lewis says. “With a little discipline and by taking Microsteps, I’ve learned I can do anything!”

Lewis proves that age is just a number. “I don’t feel nearly 60 at all — I feel great. My energy is back, and I’m excited about the future.”

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