Sam’s Club Tech: From Y2K to Today

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Maria has watched two decades of innovation at Sam’s Club, and she’s excited to share the latest and greatest.

Maria and Gabby posing and smiling at the camera

When Maria Tobias started her career at Sam’s Club in 2001, cell phones, computers and the internet were just beginning to change the way people shop. Sam’s Club was leading the charge with technology like Click ‘n’ Pull (and even Fax ‘n’ Pull!), and RFID technology was changing the way associates managed inventory. However, most of the work on the club floor was still pretty hands-on.

Reflecting on those early days, Maria recalls, "If a member was looking for a specific item, we could narrow down the location, but we had to go aisle by aisle to find the item." 

Fast forward 22 years, and Maria is now a member specialist at Club 8248 in Dallas, Texas. She has experienced some of Sam’s Club’s most groundbreaking tech innovations, from the 2016 launch of Scan & Go to the recent introduction of AI-enhanced exit technology.

Gabby smiling at the camera at the front of a Sam's club

Today, Maria has many digital tools — including several proprietary apps — helping her streamline routine tasks and elevate the service she provides to members. Her colleague and fellow member specialist, Gisella Garcia, agrees, saying Sam’s Club tech helps her level up every part of the member experience, from curbside assistance to the checkout aisle.

We asked Maria and Gisella to name their favorite apps. Here’s what they shared: 

1. AskSam: Maria raves about AskSam's ability to provide instant information about item availability, price and locations across different club locations. "It's an easy way to take care of members and save them time," she says.

Gisella adds, "AskSam can tell me almost everything I need to know about an item, which helps me find the exact answers I need for members."

2. MyClub: Gisella praises MyClub for keeping her in the loop about everything from daily schedules to club metrics, and even key operational info — like say, how Curbside Pickup is going that day, how smoothly and quickly orders are flowing and if help is needed. "It has all the important information for our club,” she explains. “It makes things run smoother than ever."

3. Just Go: The tech topping Maria’s list of favorites? “The new technology at exit,” Maria says. "Members are so much happier. Now I can focus on them and not their receipts when they leave. It’s actually really personal.”

Both Maria and Gisella view technology as a digital assist that complements their work, making interactions with members even more personal and efficient. At the end of the day, Maria says that Sam’s Club is all about people. Technology? It’s just another tool she’s got in her kit.

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