Asset Protection With Military Precision

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This member of the U.S. Air Force Reserves has a skill set that’s ideal for his Walmart role.

Vitor and girlfriend in front of U.S. Air Force plane

Meet Vitor Honorio. He’s the Asset Protection (AP) Coach at Store 1436 in Greenacres, Florida. He’s also in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, with his retirement from military service scheduled for June 2024.

As he reflects on his time in the Air Force and his career at Walmart, he sees how one influenced the other. “The military shaped the way I operate as a manager,” Vitor says. It also helped him develop strong people skills.

“You meet individuals from all walks of life in the military, just like at Walmart,” he explains. “Being able to bring out their individual strengths and work on their weaknesses is one key to creating a successful team.”

Military skills at work

After his first 10 years of full-time military service, Vitor transitioned to a part-time commitment in the reserves while he went to college. He was pursuing a degree in business management when a Walmart recruiter recognized his talent at a career fair. Vitor joined Walmart as an asset protection manager almost 11 years ago.

Vitor’s discipline, adaptability and commitment to teamwork align with the ever-changing nature of Walmart’s operations.

“In the military, we are trained to make split-second decisions and adapt,” he says. “These skills easily translate into the daily operations of a retail giant like Walmart.”

As an AP Coach, Vitor focuses on “shrink and loss prevention,” protecting his store from financial loss — but that goes beyond shoplifting. AP also includes strategies to lower risk, protect the company’s reputation and ensure associates and customers work in a safe environment.

“For example, when we get a shipment, I check to make sure we receive exactly what we’re getting billed for,” he explains. “I also deal with accidents and incidents in the store. Plus anything related to financials like the profits and loss of the facility.”

In Vitor’s role no two days are ever alike, but his background ensures that he’s ready for anything each day brings. When his store identifies a loss, Vitor digs into reports and financials to connect the dots and solve the mystery.

“That’s what makes me love my job,” he says. “I’m a numbers guy. I like to find and solve problems.”

Continuing a Walmart legacy

Vitor isn’t the first Honorio to join the Walmart family. His mother, Maria Honorio, has worked in Parkland, Florida, for nearly two decades, with eight of those years as a team lead.

And there’s yet another associate close to Vitor’s heart: His girlfriend, Yesheira De-Leon, is a GM Coach at Store 1517 in Pompano Beach, Florida (pictured above with Vitor).

The couple has a passion for travel, and they put their paid time off benefit to good use. Greece, Italy, Paris and the Czech Republic are a few of their favorite destinations.

Walmart supports military associates

Vitor is grateful for Walmart’s support for military associates. “Walmart has always been so open and amazing when I have to deploy or do my two weeks a year for the reserves,” he shares.

“I hope to continue to use the skills I’ve gained in the military to make my store an even better facility and do great things with this company.”

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