Veterans Find Careers and Community at Walmart and Sam’s Club

Celebrating You

Service members and their family members share their experience.

photo collage of a diverse group of associates

We’re all about lifting up your achievements here at Walmart World. So, on Veterans Day, we take a moment to showcase some of our associates in the military and in military families. We are grateful for your service and dedication. Creating an environment where you can find your new family, as Jerry Fidler, veteran and Area Manager at Store 7440 puts it, is a way we can give back to those who have sacrificed so much.

“I was so worried after so long, that I would have a hard time fitting in. What I found was an outstanding organization that wanted me for my uniqueness and an awesome group of people to work with,” Jerry shares. We couldn’t say it better than that.

Let’s hear from more veteran associates:

Bob Jenkins, Store Manager, Store 3817 in Orlando, Florida:

“After leaving the US Navy in 1995, I was off to community college using the GI Bill.  I began working at Walmart in August of 1996 as a cashier. I was impressed with the operation and leadership, and decided to pursue promotion opportunities while I was in school. 

“Mentors helped me identify a career path that challenged me to enhance skills in time management, people, processes and executing operational directions at a sustained high level which interested me as career endeavors.  

“That path led me to become a store manager with the Neighborhood Markets, and it continues to challenge me in new ways — with new technology and the constantly changing dynamics of leading others.

“Having military experience has been an important part of my professional development and helps me approach the business with a 'can't fail' mentality. Learning how to effectively work with different teams, people from different backgrounds and ideas that come from diverse perspectives is paramount on a US Navy ship and the importance placed on these at Walmart always made my job, whether as a team associate or store manager, seem more familiar and a great fit for me.”

Ana Rosario Núñez, Human Resources Manager, Walmart Puerto Rico Home Office:

“I'm the wife of Major Ramon J. Rivera (92nd Military Police Brigade and Senior HR Officer), who serves in the Puerto Rico National Guard and has a civil role in the Puerto Rico IRS. We have five sons, two grandchildren and a baby boy on the way. 

“Walmart Puerto Rico has given me the opportunity to develop my professional and personal career. In my role as people manager, I have the exciting opportunity to validate Walmart's pillars, values and purpose.

“Walmart's culture has given me the opportunity to maximize my talent by taking care of our associates while offering me the flexibility to care for my family at each activation of my husband. I'm passionate about my work and I'm very proud to be part of the great family of Walmart Puerto Rico. Thank you for your support of the militaries, military families and veterans.”

Catherine Rodriguez, Merchandise Reconciliation Associate, Store 7098 in Newport, North Carolina:

“I have been at Walmart for 19 years and four months. My active-duty time was from 1988 to 1996. I was Aircraft Fire Rescue in the Marine Corps. I have enjoyed learning many different jobs at many stores while here at Walmart and look at the store I work at as a part of my extended family.

“Walmart has been able to help me transition from my military career to a civilian career without interruption. I would recommend it to any veteran looking for a new purpose after military service. I have had fun learning new things.”

Jerry Fidler, Academy Coach, Store 2131 in Topeka, Kansas:

“My military journey started later in life for me. I was at a crossroads in life and needed something that could bring meaning to me — something that was bigger than myself. This ended up being a 20+ year career for me. I deployed five times and have over 52 months in a combat zone. This career showed me the daily sacrifice of Americans. Sacrifice that was given freely and done time and time again. I will never forget all of the great men and women I stood with.

“When I retired, I still needed a purpose. I also wanted to find that brotherhood that I experienced while in the military. There was someone I knew who told me about Walmart.

“I applied for an Area Manager position at Store 7440. Once there, I met a great group of people. I started learning about all of the development opportunities for the associates. There was such a resemblance to the military structure as far as development and resources that it almost seemed like home.

“I was so worried after so long, that I would have a hard time fitting in. What I found was an outstanding organization that wanted me for my uniqueness and an awesome group of people to work with...I have found my new mission. I have found my new purpose. I have found my new family. Thank you, Walmart.”

Christopher Aragon, Fulfillment Center 7530 in Chino, California:

“The Hiring Our Heroes organization assisted in my transition by allowing me to understand and embrace the Walmart culture...

“I was supported by having a mentor (AGM Mr. Jose Alba) that guided and checked with me every week of the scheduled fellowship. 

“I was the most senior Chief Warrant Officer — five in the entire Marine Corps of Supply Chain managers. I wrote and advised on all policy affecting more than 18,000 Supply Chain Marines who served worldwide in peace and combat. Working out of the Pentagon with my Three-Star General who led Logistics for the entire enterprise, I had a solid foundation of worldwide supply chain and it translated very well to the operations of ecommerce in Walmart. 

“The core values of respect, integrity, service and excellence is equivalent to the Marine Corps values: honor, courage and commitment. I embrace what I have been involved with to date and everyone in the Walmart culture truly cares about one another.”

Cindy Whiteaker, Director, Systems Engineering, Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas:

“My husband was deployed twice to Iraq in 2003 and 2007. I was employed by Walmart at that time and received exceptional support from my leadership. I was also able to organize several initiatives within Tech to support our Tech military families with a deployed loved one.”

Gary Olsen, Director, Health & Wellness, Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas:

“I'm a Director within Health & Wellness at the Home Office. I am an active Reservist with the U.S. Navy, about to go on a deployment to the Middle East.

“Walmart has been tremendous in their support of me and my family leading up to this deployment. I could not have done this without their support.”

Jeff Goode, AP Operations Coach, Store 2073 in Cleveland, Ohio:

I joined the United States Air Force in 2006. After serving for six years, I got out and bounced between a few jobs getting used to having a civilian life again. Fast forward to 2019: I applied for an Asset Protection Assistant Store Manager position in Lorain, Ohio. When I first took the position, I was not sure of what to expect being in management at Walmart. It’s because of great leaders I have had that I can say this is the place I have made a career.

“Walmart offers so much to our veterans with and honor. Three stores later I am still proud veteran badge backer with pride. Thank you, Walmart, for believing in veterans.”

Vitor Honorio, AP Coach, Store 1436 in West Palm Beach, Florida:

“I joined the Air Force at 18 years old on October 1, 2003, right out of high school. My Air Force Specialty Code is 3E1X1, Civil Engineering. Active Duty Air Force was my life for 10 years before I decided to separate and join the Air Force Reserves, which I have been serving in to this day. I’ve deployed six times over my career, and all deployments to the Middle East — one being to Iraq in 2008.

“I joined Walmart in 2013 while I was going to college for business management. I started as an APM, later I converted to ASM to learn the Operations side of the business. I was a general manager ASM for two years before coming back to the AP side of the business. In total, I’ve been AP Coach for eight years. I’ve worked in three different facilities located in South Florida and been at my current facility now for roughly six years.

“Walmart has always been super supportive of my military taskings and monthly trainings… 2024 will be my 20th year with the Air Force and when I will officially retire from the Armed Services in June.”

Todd Garner, Sam’s Club VP of Product Management in Bentonville, Arkansas:

"In the Air Force, the core values are integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do. At Walmart and Sam’s Club, our four guiding principles are service to the customer, respect for the individual, strive for excellence and act with integrity. The similarities are hard to ignore, and those values are central to what we do at Sam’s Club. From growth and development to sustainability and community engagement, we have an endless opportunity to add value to members and truly help people save money and live better. It’s an incredible honor to continue to serve people through my work at Sam's Club.”

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