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Neighborhood Markets

Let’s find out what makes Walmart Neighborhood Markets so special.

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the first Neighborhood Market opened its doors? (Check out the complete history and fun vintage photos to boot.) It’s amazing to see how things have taken off from there. So, our hats are off to the people who make all of this possible!

Who better to commemorate this milestone than the associates who have been there from the start? We talked to five associates who share what makes Neighborhood Markets a key part of the Walmart family and the communities they serve.

Risha Perez is the assistant manager at Store 3047 in Turlock, California. She’s been with the Turlock store since it opened about 10 years ago, but previously worked in a Division 1 store and a Supercenter.

She believes Neighborhood Markets offer a unique atmosphere. “I just think it's a different setting, a more homelike setting,” Risha shares. “You can have a nice conversation, get to know the associates and get to know your customers that come in and their families. Like, there's one lady who has been there probably as long as I have, shopping, and we’ve seen her kids grow. It's nice.” 

Jeannette Arellano started at store 3123 in April 2014. She was part of the first team to open the Neighborhood Market in Santa Clara, California. Today she’s a salesfloor academy trainer, and she says it’s a great place to work.

Jeannette’s Store Manager Kareen Bugarin shares, “Throughout the years, Jeannette has held multiple leadership positions and has been an integral part of our associates’ journeys. She creates an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. Jeannette inspires us all!”

Joseph King is the fresh team lead at Store 6953 in Centerton, Arkansas. He joined Walmart in April 1998. He says he loves how personal the Neighborhood Markets are. “We feel more like a family.” 

Mary Woodruff is the people lead at Store 6098 in McAllen, Texas. She has been with Walmart for 42 years, working at a Supercenter before moving over to Neighborhood Markets about nine years ago when they first opened up in her region.

The Neighborhood Markets remind Mary of what Walmart stores were like before Supercenters. “We don't have the digital, we don't have electronics, we don't have the latest fashion — but we can take the time and explain the products to the customer, to tell them, ‘Have you tried adding this to this’ or make suggestions. And our customers like that.” 

Mary appreciates the regular customers and being truly part of the community. “We have regular customers, and they get attached to us as well. We also do a lot of events with the community.”

Jeffrey Dennis started at Walmart in November 2003, helping open Store 5332 in Mesa, Arizona. He started as a cart pusher. Today he’s in Digital and InHome.

“I’ve been at Walmart close to 20 years, and I have seen tremendous growth,” he shares. “I enjoy what I do and the people I work with, which is what keeps me going. If you are willing to make the effort, you can move up and grow with the Walmart company and do whatever you desire.”

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