Doubling Down on Pharmacy Care at Sam’s Club

Celebrating You

Meet the twin associates whose dream of becoming pharmacists started in high school.

National Pharmacist Month shines a spotlight on the care and dedication pharmacists give patients each day. When we heard about pharmacist siblings who work in the same Sam’s Club market, we had to turn that spotlight on these pharma-sist-ers!

Alyssa Charlton, pharmacy manager at Sam’s Club 4808 in Springdale, Arkansas, and Brittany Jones, pharmacy manager at Sam’s Club 6342 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are twins. They talk at least twice each day, even 11 years into their Sam’s Club careers in different states.

Discovering their dream 

Their shared dream of becoming pharmacists began in high school during a medical professions class. That’s when Alyssa and Brittany started understanding the role pharmacists play in people’s lives. 

“The ability to be the bridge between doctors and patients drew us to the profession,” explains Alyssa.

“We both like building strong relationships with our patients,” says Brittany. They’ve been building them since June 2013, when they joined the company.

Why did they choose Sam’s Club? Because of the member-focused culture that lets them get to know the patient as a person rather than a number.

During the pandemic, Alyssa wore a clear mask so that members who were hard-of-hearing could read her lips. Members notice that care. And it’s one reason they come back to Sam’s Club. 

Changing lives for the better

Both Alyssa and Brittany are great examples of how pharmacists can make a huge impact on the lives of their patients.

Alyssa’s commitment to legendary member service landed her the North Central Pharmacist of the Year award in 2020 and Pharmacy Club of the Year for the Central Region in 2021. 

Brittany’s attention to detail and quick thinking are also legendary. These qualities helped save an associate’s life in March 2023.

Just before closing one night, an older associate fell to the floor near the pharmacy. Brittany ran to help. She had to act fast because he wasn’t breathing. Brittany started CPR while her pharmacy technician got the new portable automated external defibrillator (AED) device that had been installed two months earlier. Brittany used the AED to shock the associate’s heart back into action before EMS arrived.

“We take a CPR class every two years, and we had AED training when it was installed, but you never know how you’re going to react in the moment,” Brittany recalls. “Everyone on our team did an amazing job. I’m glad we were able to keep our cool and react as we needed to.”

The associate made a full recovery. His doctors credit Brittany’s fast action in using the AED for saving his life. While it was a traumatic experience, it reminded Brittany why she does what she does: Saving lives and helping people live better is her driving force.

And she’s not alone in that.

“Behind every great pharmacy that provides member-driven service is a team of wonderful pharmacy technicians helping to run the pharmacy smoothly,” Alyssa notes.

Challenging each other

The sisters enjoy a friendly level of competition between their pharmacies when it comes to the scorecard and their daily immunization numbers.

“Our parents alternate who they get their flu shots from each year,” Brittany shares. “As sisters, we have learned that friendly competition makes us better and enhances patient care.”

We’re proud to have both of these caring, passionate “pharma-sist-ers” at Sam's Club.

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