Catherine Makes All the Difference for Her Customers

Neighborhood Markets

This well-known cashier is a favorite among customers.

Catherine Watkins has been working in the front end of Walmart stores for her entire 24-year career. It fits her personality because she enjoys getting to know and helping customers.

“I try to do everything I can to help them and a lot of them do like to stand and talk with me. And that’s good, because sometimes they need someone to talk to. I’ve gotten to know quite a few customers, some by name,” she says.

And the feeling is mutual. Some customers at Store 4375 in Springdale, Arkansas, request Catherine at checkout and miss her when she’s not working. “She does an amazing job. Our associates and customers love her,” says Catherine’s former manager, Mandi Whaler.

Catherine knows a little something about loving thy neighbor. A regular churchgoer, Catherine says she’s guided by her faith. “I go to church and live a good life and try to let the Lord shelter me.”

Catherine started her career in the fall of 1999 at Store 2742, a Neighborhood Market in Springdale. She moved over to Store 4375, another Springdale Neighborhood Market, in 2015.

“I like the smaller stores. You can get closer to people that way,” she explains.

She’s had close friendships with many associates over the years, including her friend Linda, who recently retired. But she’s particularly excited that her grandson, Kyler, who just graduated from high school last year, joined Store 4375 as an overnight maintenance associate. She has another grandson working at a Walmart in Bentonville, too!

Catherine says she’s had customers tell her that she makes a difference for them, and that they like her smile. So, what’s her secret? “I don't know,” she says. “I'm just friendly back to them!”

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