Maintenance Tech Maintains a Happy Balance

Supply Chain

At Walmart, Tim Caron finds time for his family and a job well done.

Before Tim Caron joined Walmart in 2019, he was working about 100 hours a week as a truck mechanic in Massachusetts. Not only did he work 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but he was also on call during all the other hours of the day and night — including weekends.

“The money was great, but I was never home,” he says. And with a wife and young son, he was missing quality time with his family — not to mention a big chunk of his son’s childhood.

When Tim and his wife decided to move to Florida, Tim wanted to find a job that offered a little more work-life balance. He was surprised to see that Walmart was looking for trailer techs.

“I didn’t even know Walmart had shops at that point,” he admits. With his 12 years of experience, including some in management, he was soon hired to work at Transportation Office (T.O.) 6720 in Brooksville, Florida.

Since being hired, Tim has been promoted twice (he’s now a trailer tech 3) while maintaining his spot on the day shift and filling in as the backup shop manager when needed. Regular 4/10 shifts — working 10 hours a day for four days a week — mean he now has time to spend with his family, including taking his son to mixed martial arts practice and competitions.

Tim also enjoys the atmosphere, where the techs are given time to do a job well and safely, as well as the benefits and the opportunity to advance. “It’s been a really good experience,” he says of his move to Walmart.

“The ability to move up, and the options that you have working for Walmart are pretty big,” Tim shares. “There’s almost a job in any field that you want to do here.”

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