This Golfer Brings Dependability to the Fore

Celebrating You

When Kevin puts his mind to something, he accomplishes it — to a tee!

As a proud big sister, Michelle Enros never misses a chance to celebrate her brother Kevin Pritchard.

In a 2022 Walmart Canada article Michelle shared, “If Kevin wants to do something, he does it. He learned how to ride a bike after so many falls. He graduated high school, travels, horseback rides. He is an amazing golfer.” Kevin also works at Walmart, just like his sister — who is the manager at Walmart Store 1095 in Vaughan, Ontario.

Kevin’s accomplishments are even more impressive when you consider that he was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was very young. At the time, doctors said he might never talk and suggested he be institutionalized.

Instead, his family decided to give Kevin every opportunity to thrive and to see how far he could go. And go far, he did!

A drive of Olympic proportions

In addition to working as an overnight CAP associate at Store 3054 in Meadowvale, Ontario, Kevin is a disability awareness advocate who meets with members of Canadian Parliament to talk about inclusion. And when he’s not busy working and advocating, he golfs. But Kevin’s not your average weekend warrior on the course: He plays golf as a Special Olympics athlete.

He has gotten his handicap under 18, has been invited to the North American Invitational in the U.S., to the Tiger Woods Foundation Pro-Am and has traveled as far away as China to play.

His passion for golfing was inspired by his late Uncle Gary. Kevin and his uncle had always been close. (Gary’s nickname for his nephew was “buddy-pal.”) Gary shared his love for golf with Kevin, and they often watched it together, which motivated Kevin to pick up the sport too.

His goal was to learn so he could golf with Gary. Though Gary passed away before they realized this dream, Kevin often uses Gary’s clubs when he plays — a physical connection to his inspiration.

An applause-worthy milestone

Michelle says that Kevin enjoys working at Walmart. “Walmart is great!” he told her. “I am very proud to say I work at Walmart. It gives me a chance to be like everyone else.”

At the 2023 Associates Week Celebration, Kevin received well-deserved appreciation for his 20 years at Walmart — 20 years with perfect attendance, in fact. When CEO Doug McMillon invited Kevin to stand for applause, a crowd of 4,000 roared!

It’s clear that Kevin’s tenacity is the reason he accomplishes so much. From two decades of stellar dependability at work to representing the Special Olympics, when he puts his mind to something, he does it. And he has a crowd of thousands and one proud sister cheering him on.