DJs Look Back on Year One

Radio; Associates Week 2023

DJs Kirby and Chris take a moment to rewind and pause on the best moments of their first year.

Can you believe it’s been one year since we introduced you to the newest Walmart and Sam’s Club Radio DJs, Kirby and Chris? A year can be measured in months, weeks or days. Seasonal displays or sales goals.

For our DJs, though, their year has been measured in dozens of store visits, thousands of associates met and millions of hours on the air — not to mention their very first Associates Week. And DJs Kirby and Chris wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris recalls, “I get to travel quite a bit for store grand reopenings and live events, and we were in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. (Shout out to Store #3564!) We ended up in Allentown, discovering the greatest indoor farmers market that I’ve ever been to. They had everything! That’s a really fun thing I get to do — travel to places I’ve never been to and meet so many incredible associates. That’s what this job has given me!”

For Kirby, two very special visitors to the radio studio made a lasting memory. “It was a special feeling to welcome my parents into my new work home. My parents are my biggest champions. They’ve supported and encouraged me through so many career highs and lows.”

What else stood out to the DJs from their first year and what are they looking forward to in their second? We asked, and here’s what they shared:

Any surprises during the last year? 

“Every day is full of surprises especially when it comes to hosting the shows. When you’re live on air you just never know who’s going to call,” Kirby says.

Chris can attest to that, too. His recurring bit “Master Dad Joke Theater” — which challenges people to call in and share their best dad jokes — led to an unexpected on-air moment. “My daughter and her best friend called into the show, which surprised me! They had dad jokes prepared. It was adorable. I loved every second of it.”

Their joke: What do you call two witches who move in together? Broommates, of course!

What song would be the soundtrack to your first year at Walmart? 

Kirby says, Panic at the Disco’s “High Hopes.” And Chris’s answer is Goldfinger’s “Superman.”

What are you looking forward to most about Associates Week 2023?

Both DJs are excited to meet a whole new group of associates this year. (If you’ll be at Associates Week 2023, you can meet the DJs in the Gardens on the University of Arkansas campus on Tuesday and at the Expo on Thursday.)

Chris is also excited to get out his 80s gear for some of the throwback events that are scheduled in recognition of Sam’s Club’s 40th birthday. “I’m a kid of the 80s, so it really warms my heart.”

You’ve accomplished a lot in one year. If you could hit “fast-forward,” what do you see yourself achieving in year 2?

“I believe it’s bad luck to ‘count your chickens before they’ve hatched,’ so I won’t share too many specifics,” Kirby says. “However, by the end of year 2 I hope to have laughed with more associates, lead our team in creating new and innovative ways to connect with our audience and use this platform to help make a meaningful impact on the lives of our customers and members.”

Which artists would we find on your playlists these days?

Kirby says she’s got Coco Jones, Madison Ryann Ward and Savannah Ré on heavy shuffle lately. Boy Genius and Superorganism are among the top-played bands for Chris. 

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