A Bellwether for Associates Week

Celebrating You; Associates Week 2023

Look how we’re ringing in this year’s celebration!

What better way to open an amazing event than by ringing a ceremonial bell? Well, for Associates week 2023, that’s just what we did! But it wasn’t just any old bell. We’re talking about the one that opens trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)!

This is Walmart, after all. 

About 20 associates from around the Walmart world got to attend a special celebration held at Store 100 in Bentonville, Arkansas: On Tuesday morning, May 30, 2023, those associates — along with the entire stock trading world — witnessed a few lucky teammates ring a bell to open trading. 

Watch here.

Jose Vargas from Fulfillment Center 6020 in Brooksville, Florida, was attending Associates Week for the first time in his 20-year Walmart career, and he was at the event with bells on. 

“It’s my first time to be here at the Shareholders Meeting — really exciting! I’m even more excited to ring the bell!” Jose says.

Bells and whistles

Ringing in this Associates Week was a special bell, not the one used almost every day at the NYSE. This bell was commissioned by Mr. Sam, himself.

It’s hard to say why Mr. Sam had the bell made, but it’s rumored that he would ring the bell when Walmart’s stock price hit a new record high.

The shiny bell was originally cast with the date of July 1, 1962.

Careful Walmart World readers will catch that Walmart’s founding date is actually July 2, 1962, but the bell was never recast. It’s unclear why, but we here at Walmart World like to think it was to conserve cost, which would be in keeping with Mr. Sam’s rule of controlling expenses.

Either way, this bell-ringing event was a special bellwether predicting what will surely be a memorable Associates Week 2023!