Meet the Kings of the Road

Supply Chain

Two of our private fleet drivers have reached a rare milestone.

Joe Shirley and Dale Lowry are part of an elite group: Walmart drivers who have logged more than 4 million accident-free miles. 

“Honestly, it's hard to achieve,” Dale says. “You’ve got to be a little lucky and you’ve got to be good at what you do and pay attention.”

Joe joined our private fleet in 1991 and is based out of Transportation Office 6812 in Plainview, Texas. When he’s driving his Walmart truck, he’s not thinking only of his own safety, but also the safety of drivers around him. “When I pull out of that gate, I'm representing thousands of Walmart people,” he shares. “You need to do it right.”

Going the distance

Dale started driving with Walmart in 1987. Today, he’s based out of Transportation Office 6811 in Brookhaven, Mississippi, and drives about 500 miles a day. He believes more distractions caused by technology and more traffic on the roads means it’s harder than ever to stay safe. “You have to pay attention even more than you did years ago.”

Dale has driven trucks everywhere from New York City to Los Angeles and many spots in between. He loves to see the country. His current route takes him through Pensacola, Florida, and Mobile, Alabama, and then back to his home base in Brookhaven, Mississippi. 

Joe is based in Plainview, Texas. His routes have taken him west to Los Angeles, north to Leaven, Colorado, and plenty of spots in between. When asked about his favorite places, he says, “seeing the mountains in Colorado, waking up in Arizona after a rain smelling the sage—it’s just unforgettable. And you meet so many people. I've got friends all across the United States. I wouldn't trade it for the world.”

A trucking legacy

Both drivers grew up around trucks. Joe’s father owned a construction company, and his grandfather had a ranch, where Joe would help with the harvest. 

As for Dale, his father drove a rig. “My favorite memory is probably my daddy teaching me to drive when I was probably 15,” Dale explains. “I grew up riding with him.” 

Some parts of the job have changed since the men started driving. For one, trucks no longer have standard transmissions with 10 or 13 gears. “I miss it,” Dale admits, though he says the newer trucks are easier to drive. CB radios were once in frequent use, too. Dale still uses his, but many drivers now rely on their mobile phones to communicate. 

One thing hasn’t changed: Walmart’s reputation in the industry. Dale and Joe were drawn to Walmart’s reputation for good pay and good work conditions.  

“My favorite thing about driving is I get to work with the best company I've ever been associated with,” Joe says. “Walmart's really been good to me. I've never regretted day working here. I've been blessed.”

“I picked Walmart because they were known for being one of the best companies to work for,” Dale says. “It was top of the line. It's still one of the best jobs.”

Reaching 4 million safe miles doesn’t happen without the help of many Walmart associates. “It’s the people in the shop and the people in the office that keep our things in order,” Dale says. “It’s a team effort.” Go team!

Are you an associate who’s interested in joining our incredible team of drivers? Check out Walmart’s new Associate-to-Driver Program.