Giving Back Adds Up

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Associates at DC 7038 in Fort Pierce, Florida, love getting involved with — and giving back to — their local food bank. They’re not alone.

It’s long been said that at Walmart, giving back is in our DNA. And at Distribution Center 7038 in Fort Pierce, Florida, the associates are ensuring that remains true.

How? They’re volunteering in a major way, working with a local food bank to provide members of their community access to the food they need. It’s all in line with one of Walmart’s biggest annual campaigns — Fight Hunger. Spark Change. — which works to fight food insecurity around the U.S. and is running in stores and Sam’s Clubs nationwide now.

Leading the charge at DC 7038 is general manager Mitch Hall, who serves as chair of the board at the Treasure Coast Food Bank. Mitch feels the call of community to involve the associates. After all, he says, they all live there!

“We live in these communities, we’re embedded! Our children go to these schools, our spouses work in this community too,” Mitch says. “And at Walmart we have a resource that no one else really does: our people.”

Mitch says he and the team like working with the food bank at times of year when the need for food is most acute. And as food insecurity continues its rise in cities and counties around the country, teams like Mitch’s — and campaigns like Fight Hunger. Spark Change. — have an evident charge.

“The whole reason I’m involved with the food bank here is because I know their mission is meaningful,” Mitch explains. “Their goal is to serve the communities and make sure no child, no family, no veteran, no homeless person goes hungry. And that’s where, in my heart, I feel I have a responsibility to pay it forward — to help however I can.”

The associates at 7038 feel the same, and together the team goes to the food bank to pack boxes full of food during busy seasons. Plus, they use Walmart’s Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) program to have their volunteer hours matched with a grant to the food bank from Walmart.

And it’s not just local efforts making a big impact.

At Walmart stores, Sam's Clubs and distribution centers across the country, associates are helping people find their next meal every day. Whether it's making sure customers have healthy options to choose from when they shop, delivering online grocery orders to families, donating unsold food to food banks or volunteering with their local food bank like Mitch, small actions can always lead to big impact for people facing food insecurity.

To learn more about the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign, just head to One Walmart or check out our coverage from years past. All contributions go to helping your neighbors in need!