A Rising Star Shares His Secrets to Success

Career Path

Carvon Smith has (at least) 7 tips for growing your career at Walmart.

In 2015, Carvon Smith just wanted a part-time job while he was finishing his bachelor’s degree in business administration. So he started work at Walmart Store 1105 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. 

As a maintenance associate, Carvon was cleaning the bathrooms and tidying the store. But here’s the thing: If you get a chance to meet Carvon, you’ll notice pretty quickly that he doesn’t do anything halfway. “If I'm cleaning the bathroom, I clean it to hospital-level clean. I try to be the best that I can be in every role.” 

His manager noticed Carvon’s strong work ethic and eagerness to learn. Soon, he was promoted to Cap 2 supervisor. He started learning about food, apparel, digital, consumables and operational areas of the business. “I've always had that fire and desire to want more,” he says. 

In just under eight years, he became store manager of Store 530 in El Dorado, Arkansas. Hear more about Carvon’s career growth in his conversation with John Furner on The Huddle.

Walmart World asked Carvon how his career at Walmart grew so far, so fast. He shared these tips for associates who are ready to grow with Walmart.

  1. Be a fast learner.
    “I was fortunate that my managers helped me grow by giving me more to do outside of my job role.”

  2. Find a mentor who will invest in you.
    “Look for someone who will spend time with you and show you the Walmart ways. Anthony Agnew, Raul Lucero and Kevin Newman are three phenomenal leaders who invested in me. They pushed me to succeed.”

  3. Follow your development plan.
    “I love that Walmart gives associates the tools and resources to be successful.” Walmart also gives you a development plan with steps on how to be successful. The company is always looking for future leaders — so speak up if you want to grow into a leadership role.

  4. Stay positive.
    “I try not to have bad days. I try not to stress. I have a very positive mindset. But when tough days come, you’ve got to have patience.”

  5. Find your niche.
    “If you’re unhappy in your role, ask your manager to help you find the right position for you. In a company as big as Walmart, there’s a role for everyone. Try something new and find what drives you. It takes hard work to get to that dream job.”

  6. Be a forward thinker.
    “Going through a store remodel during the holiday season taught me to think in advance. It’s easy to be reactive, but it’s better to think how you can prevent issues from happening next time.”

  7. When you’re not sure, ask!
    “When I have a question, I ask my mentors, ‘What would you do in this situation?’ I like to pick their brains. There’s a lot to learn from people who have been where you are.”

Carvon enjoys being on the floor — a lot! That’s because it puts him closer to his two favorite things about Walmart: customers and associates.

“The only way to move a store forward is by teaching and training,” Carvon shares. “I’m a people person. I connect with my associates and draw the vision. They put in the work to implement the vision. I credit my success to the associates who work hard under my leadership.”