4 Benefits of Being an Associate That You Might Not Know (Yet!)

Celebrating You

Want help quitting smoking? Or need somebody to talk to about your worries? We got you!

There are a lot of perks to being a Walmart associate. But have you checked out all of the benefits for Walmart associates? Even if you don’t enroll in a benefit plan, you can use these free resources to help your mind, body and wallet.

Learn about four programs you can take advantage of at no cost.

  1. Resources for Living (RFL) gives associates and family members confidential emotional support—day or night, seven days a week. You each get unlimited phone support. You can also get 10 face-to-face sessions with a local licensed mental health therapist, or 10 weeks of chat-based therapy. Not ready to talk? That’s OK. Check out the helpful videos, articles and community resources on the RFL site.

  2. Supportiv is an online, small group chat for mental health and emotional support. Simply go to Supportiv.com/Walmart and click “Chat Now.” Then, describe the issue or topic you’re facing. You will be matched with similar people in a group that is moderated but anonymous. Popular topics include stress, anger, family, marriage and grief. The site also recommends articles, videos and podcasts focused on specific areas of struggle. 

  3. Kick Buts is proven to help you kick the habit—whether you smoke, chew or vape. The program includes nicotine gum, patches or lozenges at no cost to associates and up to two family members or friends. Think of Kick Buts as your personal quitting coach right in your pocket! Text message coaching starts two weeks before your quit date. And it lasts a full six months to help you quit—and stay quit.

  4. Thrive Challenge delivers ideas for small ways to improve your life every day. Choose from six categories: Food, Move, Money, Recharge, Focus and Connect. For example, if you choose “Move,” Thrive may suggest you do a few squats as you brush your teeth. In a few weeks, your microsteps add up. Anyone can join Thrive Challenge—so, invite family, friends—even customers!—for added support. After 21 days, share your success story for a chance to be one of 15 monthly cash prize winners.

You already knew Walmart helps customers save money and live better. Now you know Walmart can help you whenever you’re ready to live better! Visit one.walmart.com/wellbeing to learn more about benefits for your mind, body and wallet.