Empowerment In Your Pocket

Celebrating You

MyAgileLife benefit helps Walmart associates help their health.

Kevin Jones is a senior manager for Walmart corporate communications, and he knows a lot about type 1 diabetes (also called juvenile diabetes). That’s because he was first diagnosed with it when he was in first grade.

He also knows the challenges of managing health coverage, the changing cost of insulin and other medical necessities like needles and test strips. But until a few years ago, Kevin did not know that Walmart had a special benefit to help: the MyAgileLife program.

“It's a great benefit, because it provides consistency for how much you’re going to spend on insulin,” Kevin says. So, instead of getting just one month of insulin and medical supplies, MyAgileLife lets Kevin get three months at a time through the Walmart Home Delivery Pharmacy.

Support at Your Fingertips

MyAgileLife also provides support with text messages that remind users like Kevin to take medications, eat healthy foods and stay active. When you first sign up for the program, you get three text messages a day for six of 12 months. You can even set up personal reminders. The program also offers interactive text messaging support.

And MyAgileLife isn’t just for people with diabetes. Associates can also use it for help achieving a variety health goals, like losing weight, managing stress or just living a healthier lifestyle. “At times, it provides affirmations or direction,” Kevin explains. “I like when they do the quizzes, like ‘Which one of these is important to control?’”

MyAgileLife has even taught Kevin new information about the disease. “One of the texts recently mentioned A1C,” he says. “When I test my blood sugar, it tells me what my blood sugar is at that moment. But A1C gives an overall idea of how your management has been over a period of time. I'm so micro-focused on the day to day, and the question was something like ‘What's a good A1C?’ I just wasn't familiar with that. And that was a good one to know.”

Happy to Share the Happy News

Kevin joined Walmart 10 years ago, doing fraud analysis on online orders. He later moved into the human resources area of the company and took on communications tasks. Kevin says one of the things he loves best about his current role is getting to share good news with Walmart associates.

“I love being able to let our associates know some of the good things happening, be it benefits or how we're taking care of them,” he says. So it’s only natural that when discussions about November being National Diabetes Month came up, Kevin jumped right in to volunteer to share his MyAgileLife experience.

“I was like, ‘Hey, guys, I'd be happy to talk about MyAgileLife.’ It's a great money saver for me and an empowering, encouraging program that we have here,” he says. He also shares the program with others at work. “Anytime anybody asks or if I hear anyone that's diabetic, I definitely get the word out about a really great, great benefit we have.”

Want to learn more about the MyAgileLife benefit? Associates can also learn more or enroll by emailing customerservice@myagilelife.com or calling 1-855-955-1905 (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. CT).