Feeling Good Leads to Winning Big


With a little help from the Thrive app, this associate is thriving indeed—not to mention winning $20,000.

Like so many of us, Kevin Lowe at Walmart Store 2326 in Hornell, New York, was managing serious stress during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. After talking with an overnight associate who was doing the Thrive Challenge, Kevin decided the program might help him clear his mind.

Pretty soon, he and his co-workers were meeting before work each day to walk. Eventually walking turned into jogging and hiking. Being with friends, getting active and enjoying time outdoors are great ways to ease stress. “Breathing in the fresh air makes me feel completely recharged,” Kevin says.

In Good Company

In early 2022, Kevin was named a monthly Thrive winner and received $5,000. Fast forward to November 2022 and Cedric Clark, Walmart SVP of Operations, stopped by Store 2326 to add a new chapter to Kevin’s success story.

Cedric surprised Kevin with the exciting news that Kevin was selected as a Thrive Challenge Grand Champion! He presented Kevin with a check for $15,000!

Kevin originally started making changes to his lifestyle with the Thrive Challenge when he found out he had a son on the way. Now that Kevin is a father, he’s very glad he made those lifestyle changes.

“The Thrive Challenge is much more than the weight loss for me,” Kevin says. “It’s about the way I feel, how I’ve become a great dad, and how I have encouraged everyone around me.”

In fact, Kevin has inspired other associates to sign up for the Thrive Challenge and start their own journeys! Since October 2021, Store 2326 has celebrated five other Thrive Challenge winners, bringing the store’s total combined prizes to $85,000!

Let’s Thrive Together

Kevin is one of thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club associates who have shared stories of making meaningful changes in their lives.

Are you next? To get started with the Thrive Challenge, download the Thrive app and answer a few questions today!