5 Little-Known Facts About LBU


If you’ve ever thought of continuing your education, you’ll want to check out Live Better U.

With Live Better U (LBU), you get access to education and training programs to help you create the career path you want.

We think it’s an awesome benefit to being a Sam’s Club or Walmart associate! If you don’t know about LBU, we’re here to set the record straight!

Fact 1: Walmart pays for 100% of program tuition, required program fees, including books, registration fees, technology fees, required exam fees and required graduation fees for eligible associates.

Fact 2: There are more than 60 programs available through LBU, including our most popular, like degrees or certificates in business, leadership, computer science and cybersecurity.

Fact 3: You are eligible if you haven’t already received a bachelor's degree and are an hourly part-time or full-time associate who works in any facility; or you’re a truck driver; or you’re a salaried manager working in a Walmart Store, Sam's Club, Distribution center, Walmart manufacturing facility or eCommerce operations facility.

Fact 4: You can apply to a program on the first day of work!

Fact 5: With Live Better U, you’ll have a dedicated coach who can help you choose classes and ensure you’re going at a pace that works for you.

If you’re unsure if you’re eligible, talk with your People Lead or HR Business Partner.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to livebetteru.com
  2. Create an account with Guild Education
  3. Explore the catalog
  4. Talk to a Guild coach for one-on-one support selecting a program
  5. Apply to a program that fits your needs
  6. Go back to school!