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Pharmacy technician Jamee Coffey marks 35 years at Walmart.

Jamee Coffey, a pharmacy technician at Store 776 in Fremont, Nebraska, has been with Walmart for 35 years. She started as a cashier and moved into a variety of positions before landing in the pharmacy department.

Walmart World recently talked with Jamee to learn about highlights of her career.

A Hardworking Teen

When she started at Walmart, 16-year-old Jamee was already working after school at an ice cream parlor and a roller rink. She dropped one job when she started at Walmart, and kept working while studying at Metropolitan Community College.

“I planned on going to school and finding a career somewhere,” she explains. “Things just kind of worked out here. I enjoyed what I did. I really enjoyed it!”

A Supportive Environment

From how medications are ordered to how controlled substances are handled, a lot has changed in the pharmacy world since Jamee came on board. Coworkers’ support always makes changes easier.

“I've had a really good support group,” she says. “My former manager, Mary, had been here for 35 years, so she was like my second mom. My district manager was very good when I first started—I think that's what kept me here. And now all the managers I have, it's just a fun group to work with. And they're very supportive.”

Growing With Her Customers

Some of Store 776’s customers have been coming in since Jamee started.

“You grow a relationship with them,” she shares. “To see them getting older and you know them by name, and they know you, and they come looking for you—it just makes you feel good that you can help them every day.”

The Drive to Thrive

What guidance would Jamee give to help new Walmart associates thrive? The key ingredients to succeeding are working hard and being open to change.

“It's a fun place to work. You've got to make it fun,” she advises. “Have an open mind to change!”

Three Fun Facts About Jamee:

  1. As a teen, she dressed as Barbie at special events held by toy company Mattel.
  2. In 1997, Jamee was named OTC Manager of the Year and flew to Bentonville, Arkansas, for the award.
  3. Besides her hard work at Walmart, Jamee is also busy at home. She’s the mom to five daughters and stepdaughters and grandmother to seven (soon to be nine!).

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