Walmart Museum Wants Your Pins!

Associates Week 2022

Ready to become part of Walmart history?

We’re thrilled to reveal Walmart Museum’s plans for a permanent exhibit showcasing Walmart and Sam’s Club lapel pins. But there’s a catch: The museum has a goal to collect 7,000 pins—and we’re hoping you might share a few of yours!


Maybe you’ve got a few duplicates? Or you’d consider donating your most unique pin to become part of Walmart history forever?


We’re looking for any and all pins to help the Museum create a special installation honoring Walmart pins—and the people who love them!


Ready to Donate?

Head to our Pin Submission page for directions and to complete a form that lets us track your pin. We’ll want to know your name and Store or Club number. You’ll even have the opportunity share the story behind your pin. If you are a Walmart or Sam’s Club alum, or if you are a friend or family member who has pins they’d like to donate, click here for instructions to be part of the exhibit.


Thank you for your sharing!


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What’s the story behind your favorite pin?