2021 WATS Winners

Celebrating You; Associates Week 2021

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2021 Walmart Associate Talent Search (WATS).


What's WATS, you ask? Every year, talented associates from around the world submit auditions and enter the Walmart Associate Talent Search. Please help us congratulate this year’s winners! 


Rahul Dobriyal | India

Roosevelt Glover | Clayton, Alabama, United States

Aditya Athalye | India

Rene Bailon | Mexico

Adrianna Stephens | Comstock Park, Michigan, United States

Mamelo Ndlovu | South Africa

Megan Welu | Cary, Illinois, United States

Edgar Ortiz | Tampa, Florida, United States

Cecilia Arteaga Beltran | Chile


You can also watch their audition videos here!



Rahul Dobriyal | India

What combination is more classic than a beautiful voice and an acoustic guitar? 🗣🎸 We can hardly think of any! Good thing Rahul, a software engineer in Walmart Global Tech, decided to submit this video 🤩 Check out this wonderful performance and let us know in the comments what acoustic song gets you every time 🎵 And yes, it’s allowed to be this one! 😉



Roosevelt Glover | Clayton, Alabama, United States

What a voice 🗣 Roosevelt discovered his talent at a young age, and from the sound of things, just kept getting better 💪 The floor-area manager at Distribution Center 7019 in Brundidge, Alabama, has a passion for singing, which he’s held onto through his capacity to change lives through music 🎶 Roosevelt, we’re all rooting for you to keep changing lives, and never quit using that voice! 🤩



Aditya Athalye | India

Aditya is a software engineer with Walmart Global Tech, who also plays the tabla with speed and precision! 💯 The tabla’s complementary tones make it a great instrument to listen to, and we’re just happy Aditya was able to take a long enough break to hit record 🙌 Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us, Aditya – and for keeping the beat alive, of course 🤩



Rene Bailon | Mexico

Rap 🎤 Compose ✍️ Breakdance 🕺 Is there anything he can’t do? 🤩 Rene Bailon works at Bodega Arreau Express 2531 in Mexico 🇲🇽 He discovered his talent for hip-hop in high school and has been growing and developing his abilities ever since 💪 Rene is one of the winners of this year’s Walmart Associate Talent Search! 👏 Amazing, Rene! 💙



Adrianna Stephens | United States

Caution ⚠️ This video may cause ::chills:: 🥶 Adrianna Stephens is a Member Team Lead at Sam's Club 6359 in Comstock Park, MI 🙋‍♀️ You wouldn’t know it, but as a child she suffered from terrible stage fright 😳 We’re so glad she overcame that because today she’s one of the winners of the Walmart Associate Talent Search! 🤩 Adrianna, we’re ALL listening 👂



Mamelo Ndlovu | South Africa

Mamelo is an inspirational force 🌟 She’s a poet who also works as a food safety officer in South Africa 🇿🇦 She draws her own inspiration from everything around her 🤗 Inspiration is also what she loves about poetry: it’s an artform that allows her to inspire others and see growth in herself 💫 Thanks for sharing your gift with us, Mamelo! ✍️



Megan Welu | United States

Rhythm and rhymes 🗣 Megan is an associate from Carrie, Illinois, who is also a talented rapper 🎤 Her appreciation for rap comes from her love of fast talking, and the ease with which hip-hop lets artists express their individuality 🤩 Keep doing your thing, Megan! 💙 We’re just glad to be watching. And listening 😁👏



Edgar Ortiz | United States

Singing his ❤️ out! Edgar Ortiz works in quality assurance at Sam’s Club Fulfillment Center 6253 in Tampa, Florida. ☀️ Born into a musical family, he discovered his talent at a very young age and has been enchanting listeners ever since. 🎶 This year, he was selected for the Walmart Associate Talent Search. 🤩 Edgar, thank you for sharing your talent with us! 🤗



Cecilia Arteaga Beltran | Chile

That. 👉 Voice. 🗣️ Cecilia Beltran is a first assistant performance manager at Hiper Lider #985 in Chile. 🇨🇱 She’s been singing since age 5 and is a natural on stage. This year, she’s a winner of the Walmart Associate Talent Search. 👏 Thank you, Cecilia, for sharing your incredible talent with us! 🤩