Rekha Is a Natural Inspiration

Women of WMW

During the course of her life, this Flipkart specialist has remained committed to trying hard and pursuing the next opportunity to learn and grow!


When her manager asked if she’d like to take part in an interview with Walmart World, Rekha M. wasn’t certain.


“I took a step back actually,” says Rekha, a senior specialist from customer support at Flipkart, one of India's digital commerce leaders and part of the Walmart family of companies. “I was not confident.”


But Rekha’s team assured her that her career and her accomplishment mattered—and that her story could inspire others. “You just try your best,” she humbly admits.


From Engineering to E-commerce

Trying her best comes easily to Rekha. Married young, Rekha found that sitting at home didn’t suit her. Her family encouraged Rekha to further her education. After she had her first child, Rekha earned an engineering degree, then began working as a customer support specialist at e-commerce sites.


She moved from one company to another, learning and growing, until she heard about an opening at Flipkart in 2016. Rekha jumped at the opportunity to join the reputable company. She started as a social media specialist, helping resolve customer queries, moved on to legal law support, handling escalations, and was recently promoted to the role of senior specialist, CX experience.


Rekha finds working at Flipkart deeply satisfying. “Everybody is very supportive,” she says. “We work as a team. We grow as a team.”

Inspiring her Family and Community

She is very aware of what her education has given her and prioritizes giving back. Rekha has inspired her family and others in her community to pursue additional education. “I had to struggle a fair bit to get my education, but when I look back, it all feels worth it,” Rekha explains.


“I feel that the knowledge that we have, we must always share with others also!” And so Rekha also teaches. “My brother and I have been helping school-aged children who need support.” She enjoys tutoring and supporting others in her community, and she continues to inspire.


So Rekha is glad, in the end, that she agreed to be profiled for Walmart World—not because it gives us a chance to celebrate her, but because she hopes her story may inspire others. “If anybody has a second thought in taking an opportunity, please don’t hesitate. Take it with both hands!”