From 1970 to 2020


Cars, technology and even dress codes have changed since 1970, but Beverly’s commitment to hard work has not.


When Beverly Smith started working at Walmart on December 4, 1970, she was a 16-year-old high school student.


Things were pretty different then.


Beverly drove her mom’s car, a Dodge Coronet, to work and to school before buying her own car—a Datsun—in her senior year. The Datsun’s car payments were $65 a month. A gallon of gas cost 36 cents.


Beverly worked as a salesclerk and a department manager before moving to receiving nearly 40 years ago. Today, she’s a receiving associate at Store 674 in Gallatin, Tennessee. Beverly receives vendors and trucks, helping unload, log and check in inventory and making sure it goes to the right department.


When she started in receiving, Beverly says, everything had to be done with pen and paper. Today, she uses a TC70 handheld unit for her work. There’s still a lot of paperwork, she admits.


Beverly says one of the highlights of her career was meeting Walmart founder Sam Walton.


“We were the last group to go to the home office for the Shareholders Meeting,” she says. “And then we went to his home. I really enjoyed it. It was an honor.”


She describes Mr. Sam as very friendly and down to earth. “It seemed like he was very interested and concerned about people,” she says.


After so many years with Walmart, Beverly says she’s grown attached to many of her fellow associates.


“You miss them when they leave or retire, you really do,” she says. “They become part of your family.”


And Beverly is certainly part of our Walmart family! Congratulations and thank you!